1. 1.Retirement Benefits - Pensions and Annuities
  2. 2.Investments
  3. 3.General Insurance
  4. 4.Life Insurance
  5. 5.Medical Cover (including post-retirement cover)
If you are still in your working life, you can plan for your financial freedom and success during your retirement.Upon retirement, you can use your retirement benefits to cater for and guarantee your financial freedom during these latter years. • Personal Pension Plans (PPPs) or Individual Pension Plans (IPPs). • Transfers from other schemes.Talk to us for more information...
UNIT TRUSTBuilding your wealth has never been simpler. Start with what you have, and watch it grow – stress free! Depending on your risk appetite and period of investment,you can choose from various funds including the Money Markets, Equity, Bond and Balanced Funds.Talk to us for more information...
This can be categorized into the following: • Motor vehicle Insurance • Domestic Package (Fire) or Home Insurance – protects your house and its contents • Others: Travel Insurance, farming insurance, etc Talk to us for more information…
Insure your life for your own benefit and for the benefit of your loved ones.There are different types of life policies to choose from, including endowment, whole life and term life. Talk to us for more information…
Nobody plans to be sick: But when sickness strikes, you and your family can be left devastated due to the heavy financial burden. Now you can cover your Medical Costs by purchasing a medical cover under: • Individual Medical Covers • Corporate Medical Cover – join a group of other users, to lessen the cost • Post-retirement cover


BIMATEQ Insurance Agency is a firm that offers financial planning and advisory services to individuals and small businesses.The firm is a licensed independent agency, and is registered with the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA). The firm places business with major Insurance Companies, and links clients to a variety of products and services offered by these companies, in areas including:
    Pensions and Annuities.
    General Insurance – Motor vehicle, Fire, Domestic Package, Travel, etc.
    Life Insurance.
    Medical health covers.


Bimateq exists to offer personalized financial planning solutions, and to ensure that the planning process is a pleasant one.
Our Motto: Opening the doors to your financial success!.


To become the best Agency in personal financial planning in the region.


Our main objective is to bring investments and insurance services closer to the public, and make the financial planning experience a pleasant one. We achieve this through:
 -Ensuring that we understand clients’ needs and offer advice on the most appropriate solutions.
 -Partnering with Insurance Companies to offer their products and services
 -Conducting Training, coaching and awareness forums on financial planning, investments and insurance.
 -Offering Personalized service at your convenience - 24/7; (We are only a phone-call).
 -Demystifying investment products and insurance business, making the process a smooth and pleasant one.


The Principal Officer of the firm is Ruth Muriuki- Macharia, a career banker, personal financial coach and advisor for many years. She is qualified and experienced in financial planning, and has also served as a Trustee of pension scheme for many years. Ruth has trained and advised many people in Retirement / Pensions planning, and financial investments in general. She is passionate in her work, and has become a trusted partner in matters financial planning.





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